Description of the service and the order of the transaction / Rules of escrow

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Jun 6, 2020
Procedure for conducting a transaction:
  • Users negotiate all the terms of the transaction privately.
  • One of the parties involved in the transaction creates a topic in the “Automatic Guarantor” section . When creating a topic, its author indicates the login of the second party to the transaction. The created transaction will be visible only to its author and user whose nickname was specified when creating the transaction.
  • The topic indicates the terms of the transaction.
  • Depending on the conditions of the transaction, one of the parties transfers to the BitCoin wallet indicated in the information block (you can see it immediately after the first post in the guarantor of the transaction).
    1. Guarantor can be replenished for any amount
    2. The guarantor costs 5% of the transaction amount, the maximum commission amount is $ 50
    3. You can make additional transfers to the wallet the guarantor of the transaction, they will be added to the total amount of the transaction.
  • After crediting money to the balance in the transaction management block, the action buttons “Call the arbitrator”, “The second side has disappeared”, “Send money% USERNAME%” will appear.
  • From this moment, the parties must independently conduct a transaction, transfer and verify the goods, agree on options for solving problems that have arisen, etc.
  • At the end of the transaction, the buyer clicks on the red button, which is located immediately after the first post in the subject, with the inscription "Send money% USERNAME%". Press the button "Send money% NICK_USER%" only if you want to unlock money for another participant.
  • After that, the seller should go into the topic and enter your BitCoin wallet for which payment will be made.

Attention! We remind you:
  • Guarantor Service works only with BitCoins.
  • After each successful transaction, both of its participants receive points. Read more about it here .
  • Transfer only to BitCoin address specified in the created topic.
  • All communication with the administration of the forum is only in the subject "Service Guarantor".
  • The administration of the forum never writes you first.
  • The transferred BTC amount to the guarantor's wallet is converted into $ at the exchange rate of the exchange at the time of receipt of three confirmations. When the transaction is completed, $ will be converted to BTC at the exchange rate of at the time of payment.
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